What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization helps in targeting a smaller geographic area for quick and targeted traffic. The process is to highlight your business to the people residing in a specific geo-location from where you expect qualified leads. Local SEO is helpful for small businesses that often work in limited areas.

How Are Local SEO Services Helpful For Your Business?

Over 50% of search queries are related to local businesses like AC repair, pizza delivery, dentists, and tuition services. If you can bring your business in local searches, you can get qualified leads from genuine buyers interested in your products or services.

Expect the Following Results With Local SEO


Highlight Your Business For Local Buyers

Fine-tune your search engine strategy to show your business on local searches limited to a geographic area. It will increase your visibility in the targeted area and bring more qualified leads from local search queries.

More Web Traffic, Leads, Sales

The targeted approach to Local SEO will bring excellent results visible in increased volume of web traffic coming from local searches and visitors giving qualified leads that you can convert into sales.

Increased Footfall

Conventional stores rely on footfall but little do they know that they can also be benefitted from Local SEO that can turn local traffic to their stores. If you have a physical store, you can increase your footfall with Local SEO.

Targeted Location-Based Campaigns

With Local SEO, you target a set of visitors that are responsive to your marketing calls. Whether you give a discount offer or provide emergency services, you will get quick leads with location-based campaigns.

Success Stories Of Our Clients

It is difficult to conceive a business without an online presence and for this reason, competition on the web has increased and has reached the next level where it has become difficult to work without Local SEO that helps in focusing on local markets that give qualified leads.

How We Design Local SEO Services?

Value First Media offers custom Local SEO services that accommodate the present as well as future needs of clients. We have helped many local businesses flourish with local traffic.

Our Local SEO Services Include:

Analyzing Local Competition

The first thing is to analyze how your competitors are doing and where is your business lacking. The findings will help develop a result-oriented strategy.

Taking Advantage Of Local Citations

We search local directories that can direct qualified traffic to your website. Our experts invest time and effort in building local citations as sources of qualified traffic for your business.

Local SEO With Optimized Content

Our SEO experts keep looking for keywords that can highlight your business for the targeted audiences. We suggest publishing content optimized with relevant keywords so your business remains always before the targeted customers.

Google My Business Account

While it isn’t difficult to open a Google account but you need expert help to optimize and manage your account. It is where we can help. We know how to optimize Google My Business Account so you get targeted traffic.

Link Building

We will build quality backlinks for important pages including Home Page, Service Page, and Blogs so your website moves fast up on the search engine ladder.

Campaign Tracking

When so many things are working on your site, it becomes mandatory for us to track every campaign so we know whether the campaigns are useful and make necessary changes to get the desired results.

Analytics Tracking & Reporting

To make Local SEO more helpful and learn from experience, we keep analytics tracking and reporting. Data retrieved from campaigns are arranged in a readable manner for future analysis and decision-making.

Give your business the advantage of Local SEO

Local SEO Empowering Small Businesses
small businesses

Value First Media understands needs and that there can’t be any one-size-fits-all solution for small businesses. Every business has a separate identity and budget and we keep these factors in mind while developing search engine strategies for local businesses.

Our prices are flexible so we can accommodate your needs and give maximum return on your investment.

Incentives Of Investing In Local SEO

Local SEO relies on two words “near me”. Everyone looking for a specific business with the suffix “near me” is a potential customer and you will be surprised to know that over 50% of local searches result in a store visit within 24 hours.

Missing “near me” in your search engine strategy will be missing the huge potential Local SEO has for your business.

Increased Web Traffic

Opportunities to get leads and sales increase with an increase in web traffic.

Increased Footfall

Online visibility will increase the accessibility of your business resulting in more store visits by genuine buyers.

Increased ROI

Local SEO gives maximum return on investment in the form of qualified leads that easily convert into sales and profit. It brings only targeted and genuine customers.